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Rebalancing App -- Short Demo
This demo overview quickly goes over some of the features of the EDS Rebalancing app. Highlighting how it can help discover areas of potential improvement and how it can easily integrate into the existing investment process.

The EDS Team
Introducing the EDS Team.

The EDS Rebalancing Solution
This annoucement and overview introduces the EDS rebalancing solution and points to the benefits.

NVIDIA Inception
Economic Data Sciences joins the NVIDIA Inception programme.

AWS Startup Loft EMEA
Economic Data Sciences is accepted into the AWS Startup Loft for the EMEA region.

SAP Build Partner Edge
Economic Data Sciences joins SAP in their Build Partner programme.

AWS Activate
Economic Data Sciences is accepted into the AWS Activate programme.

Evaluating Trade-offs
With this client example, we highlight how to balance risk exposures, specific to the particular client when all of these risks are overlapping.

Breaking Down Risk
In a few simple example outputs, this deck highlights how the EDS solutions breaks down types of risk.

A Primer on SGD
Learn about stochastic gradient descent and why it is powerful for real-world problems.

A Data Infrastructure Overview
This overview highlights how EDS can be incorporated into or can.support a clients data infrastructure.

Guest Lecture at Stanford University
This lecture reviews machine learning techniques and how they might go awry, in particular within financial markets.

Working with EDS
Learn about the process of working with EDS in this simple overview.

Monitoring Fund Exposure
This high level overview, shows how EDS monitors fund manager exposures and evaluates active risk and return, relative to those exposures.

Implementation of A.I.
See how solutions can empower a more informed decision making process by simply given the ability to measure more.

Optimization Walkthrough -- Liabilities & Preferences
This case study overviews a client example in the U.K. where liability driven investing had to balance inflation, interest rate, and liability concerns among other preferences.

Incorporating Tax Preferences
In this client example, the EDS solution is used to incorporate the impact of taxes into a broad investment strategy.

Monitoring Investor Behaviour
In this example, we highlight how to monitor investment fund behavior, with a highlight on how changing risk exposures can sometimes changes drastically, while others are more constant.


Most decisions require trade-offs and uncertainty, which is the acceptance of risk. Investing in particular involves uncertainty and therefore the value of your investment can go down as well as up and it is possible to get back less than you originally invested. Our tools are focused on measuring more risk and making more informed decisions, but that is not the same as eliminating risk.
Learn more about uncertainty, risk, and our outcomes here.

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