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More Informed Decisions Lead To Better Outcomes

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Decision makers are faced with more complex problems, needing to take into account more information, more urgently, and under more scrutiny than ever before. A systematic approach and a focus on outcomes, aligns incentives and improves results.

The Economic Data Sciences (EDS) Decision Engine incorporates more information in a systematic fashion. This allows clients to benefit from a technology enabled approach in a transparent, approachable, and understandable way. By making use of client preferences as well as qualitative and quantative data, we maintain a transparent record of all decisions and trade-offs.

The EDS Approach

  Outcome Driven


Automation & Reporting

This foundational work frees existing resources to provide more value-add and gives more information to decision makers. Good data recording and insightful metrics build a richer set of information, which fuels better decision making.


Analytical Insight & Data Generation

The EDS approach to analytics captures both quantative insight and qualitative intuition in a systematic and testable fashion. Making use of more information leads to better outcomes. Our analytics take advantage of this truth and also capture the impact of human preferences in the decision making process.


Optimization & Outcome Monitoring

Optimization is all about making the best possible decisions. EDS's proprietary optimization technology makes use of more information, takes into account the subtleties of human preferences, and is the only tool we are aware of that is understandable at scale. At EDS we are outcomes focused and continually monitor the impact of our decision engines.

Partners & Accelerators

  Better Together


Most decisions require trade-offs and uncertainty, which is the acceptance of risk. Investing in particular involves uncertainty and therefore the value of your investment can go down as well as up and it is possible to get back less than you originally invested. Our tools are focused on measuring more risk and making more informed decisions, but that is not the same as eliminating risk.
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